Handmade Ceramic Pottery Collection


Beautiful pieces locally crafted. Pieces are one of a kind and colors may vary.

Travel Mug - Take your hot beverage on the road with this cool artsy travel mug. Comes with leather strap so as not to be hot to the touch.

Burning Dish - Small round dish perfect pair for smudge bundles and incense.

Mini Budd Vase - Available in a matte and gloss finish. Add flower or pretty as is.

Votive Tea Light Luminary - This piece is so pretty as it illuminates light through the design.

Mug - Strong, sturdy and perfect for hot beverages.

Bowl - Perfect for either everyday use or special occasions. Multi-function: in your kitchen or as a decorative piece.

Spoons - How fun are these ceramic spoons! They can be used for almost anything, from your coffee scooper to your serving utensil.