2024 Desk Calendar | Reminders of Your Worth

$26.40 $33.00

It's the perfect mix of functional calendar with an encouraging reminder you need to feel supported. Whether you sit it on your desk, your kitchen counter, or beside your bed, it is there to share a little reminder with you.

Here’s the reminder for each month:

January-I am committed to my growth.

February-I am building a life that feels worthwhile.

March-Nothing I do makes me more or less valuable.

April-Who I am and what I need matters. 

May-My experiences and emotions are valid.

June-I will prioritize moments of joy and connection.

July-I am enough, just as I am.

August-The things I am passionate about matter.

September-I have compassion for myself and others. 

October-I deserve good things.

November-I trust that I can get my needs met.

December-It's okay to be a work in progress. 

All in the details: 

Each calendar page is 5"x7". The backside of the calendar has the same print as the front, so you can hang or display them after the month is over.

Each calendar comes packaged in a clear bag with a wooden stand to display.