Affirmation Cards | Hard Days, Self Worth, Loss, & More


Hard Days: This set is for anyone who has hard days, AKA all of us. It provides the reminder that you can do hard things and that it’s okay to feel a little stuck sometimes. There is value in “just being” with the hard feelings on the days that feel less than great.

Loss & Grief: Losing someone you love is one of the hardest things you can experience. While this set isn’t specifically about losing a loved one, it can provide support for you if you have or if you are grieving the loss of a situation. Healing takes patient with yourself while you walk through your loss.

Self Worth: These cards are meant to be daily reminders for ANYONE! They are reminders of how amazing you are even when you don't always feel like it.

Teachers: This set is for the teachers who work long hours, show patience, and immense flexibility to adapt to the needs of their students. Continue to stay motivated even on the days you question if what you are doing matters. Soak in these words on days you might want to give up.

Badass Women: The badass woman who likes to cuss a little (or a lot). The woman who is doing hard shit and appreciates words that help her find her centering in this crazy world. These cards have a little kick to help you jumpstart your badassery.

Mamas: Becoming a mom can be the most beautiful and most emotionally challenging rollercoaster you ever experience. This set is meant for the mom who is doing her best and gives herself permission to parent the way she believes is best. Begin to trust that you are the very best mom for your child/children.

Each set includes: -10 affirmations (written, lettered, and painted by Rachel Tenny) -printed on 110# Cougar paper for durability -a 3" acrylic stand to easily display your cards
Made in United States of America