soit la lumière • be the light -Carefully Curated Candle Club

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soit la lumière • be the light

Candles are the #1 gift and “treat yourself”  good that we carefully curate for the shop. Which led us to launch soit la lumière, a candle club. The translation to English is “be the light”. Each month, you will receive a new candle with an affirmation to keep you inspired!

Candles can be picked up in the shop, by curbside delivery or we ship!  FREE local delivery to 60532 and 60540!

Great gift ideas for new homes, milestone birthdays and well, treat yourself !

Your monthly candle will be carefully curated by us and selected based on season/holiday and will sometimes be a in-house candle or a completely new brand!  Step out of your comfort zone ! Enjoy the variety that comes in the surprise of a NEW fragrance and fun vessel each month! And elevate your experience by selecting the add-on Candle Care Kit!

Sounds fun right?! Let’s get started!

  • 3 month  $87
  • 6 month  $169
  • 12 month  $339
  • Candle Care Kit - wick trimmer + snuffer $1


Good to know :

  • soy/coconut/beeswax based
  • 8oz-12oz and retail $27-$33 based on vessel
  • non-toxic and phthalates free fragrance
  • Candles  will have a min 40hr up to 80hrs burn with proper care
  • Complimentary decorative matches with each kit